About Us

Our Mission/Vision

Angelight Films is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit production company that offers children with brain and spinal cord tumors the opportunity to shine by creating and starring in their own short film. The organization was formed in 2009 in honor of founder Stephanie Angel’s younger sister, Ilana, who died of a brain tumor at the tender age of five.

While their bodies may be sick, the children are not. Each child has so much wisdom, humor and light to share. Through the creation of their films, these children are defying all pre-conceived notions about sickness. They exhibit strength and courage that truly inspire everyone who meets them and watches their films.

Viewers report feeling uplifted and moved by the positive messages in the films. Families get to celebrate their child in a special way amidst the many challenges. Most importantly, the children feel enormous pride for their work and a strong sense of empowerment that impacts their lives moving forward.

“Angelight Films has given me the confidence to get through the hard challenges in life.”
– Kyle, an Angelight filmmaker


“Angelight Films brings to life the light in these children that can sometimes be buried in their diagnosis.”
– Parent of an Angelight filmmaker


Our Accomplishments

We have made twelve films with incredibly gifted children. Angelight Films is proud and honored that many of our short films have been included in prominent film festivals and screenings, such as the Big Apple Film Festival, the Vail Film Festival, The Chicago Children’s International Film Festival, The San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival, The Garden State Film Festival and “Happiness is Camping,” a camp for children living with cancer.

pushing forward…

In addition to continuing to make more short films for children with brain and spinal cord tumors, we are also exploring new digital outlets so that our films can be seen by larger audiences.
We are looking to collaborate and form partnerships with hospitals, sponsors and individuals. If interested in learning more about our sponsorship opportunities or to sponsor our next film, please contact us at info@angelightfilms.org